Your Choice of Brochure Paper Enhances Your Corporate Image

Thursday, November 15, 2012
You wouldn’t expect to go into an expensive steakhouse and have your filet mignon served off of paper plates!

It’s the same idea with brochure printing: your great product or service needs to be showcased on a brochure which matches the quality of your product. That’s part of meeting your customers’ expectations.
Here are five great ideas which will ensure that your brochure makes the right statement to potential customers:

1. Use a high gloss coating if you are including photographs in your brochure. Let’s say you are marketing an expensive condominium. The customer is going to want to see every detail. A high gloss coating ensures that your color photos will show to maximum advantage. You increase your chances of making the sale when the customer doesn’t have to wonder what it is she’s looking at!

2. Use a heavy weight of paper if the purpose if your brochure is intended to be kept for reference purposes or if you want to eliminate “show through” – print on the other side showing through. Sometimes people equate flimsy brochures with cheap products. If you are marketing a higher-end product or service, your money may be better spent elevating the quality of the brochure as opposed to the quantity.

3. Use coated paper in almost every case. Using uncoated paper may save you money, but the ink may be absorbed unevenly and that will likely make a poor impression. At Conquest Graphics, the use of coated paper is standard.

4. Use a matte finish if there are no photographs or if your brochure is somewhat technical in nature, and it depends on clarity in writing and little else. Too much in the gloss and flash department may be a distraction. Lowering the tone of the presentation may not only convey an image of seriousness, it can save you money as well.

5. Use environmentally friendly paper any chance you get. This is not a coating or weight issue; this is the paper itself. If you can buy paper with a reasonable PCW (post-consumer waste) factor and it doesn’t degrade the quality or the look of your brochure, you should move in that direction. And of course, it’s vital that you advertise the fact that you have done this. In very small print at the bottom of one of the panels you should say

This brochure was printed using recycled materials.

And it won’t just be the wine-and-cheese liberals who will be impressed. An awful lot of middle-of-the-roaders and right-side-of-the-aisle folks go hunting and fishing and feel strongly about protecting the environment. You can’t go wrong here – public-relations-wise, that is – and using recycled paper can also save you money.

Hiring a reputable discount printing company can make all the difference. When you find the right partner you can make sure your brochures, business cards, flyers, and other printed materials are spot-on and eye-catching. Make sure to choose your printing partner carefully, and to choose a company with a long history of quality work to make your printed materials look great.