Marketing Your Brand to a Younger Generation

Sunday, November 4, 2012
With a few rare exceptions, most business owners are well out of their teenage years when they find themselves at the head of a marketing team. So the question becomes, how does someone who has not been a teenager from some time figure out how to promote a product to a younger generation? Many people are of the mind that you just have to think back to when you were a teenager and remember the things that you were into. While this may seem like the easy answer, the reality is that it is just not that simple. Technology and other social factors have drastically changed the experience of the American teenager and so has the way companies must approach marketing products to them. If you want to reach out to the youth of today and make them aware of your brand you are going to need to make it possible for them to share their experience with your company on their expansive online social network.

Many companies make the mistake of thinking that teenagers do not want anything to do with more traditional marketing items like buttons or t-shirts, but that is not true. Kids still love to buy their favorite bands shirts, or put stickers on their book covers. These things have not changed, what has changed is that young people do not just want to have these items for themselves, they want to share the fact that they have your brands item, with the world. This may seem like a scary concept at first, but in reality it can help you spread the word about your products faster than you could ever imagine.

For instance, once you have established a logo for your company, print it on a promotional item like a t-shirt, button, or even a poster. With every purchase a young person makes give them one of your promotional items and encourage them to take a photo of themselves in a unique place wearing or displaying your promotional item. Offer them a discount on their next purchase if they can prove they posted the photo on their social networking page. With this one promotional item, you have not only introduced your brand to anyone who encountered the customer on the day the photo was taken, but also to anyone in the world who saw the photo they posted.

When you are creating your promotional items, if you want them to work, you need to keep your demographic in mind. The options available to today’s teenagers are virtually endless. Choosing low quality or outdated designs will get you nowhere. If you are struggling with the design of your artwork, most printing companies offer in house designers who are familiar with current art work trends. These companies can also advise you on the most popular sticker types, t-shirt brands, and even what colors might help you to communicate best with the demographic you are trying to reach.

Marketing to teens is all about keeping up with what is popular right now. In the fast paced world of social media trends are changing at a rate faster than ever. Do not be discouraged by that but rather embrace it and try to use it to help you in choosing the best promotional items for your brand.