Email Marketing Tips

Sunday, November 4, 2012
Email marketing is an affordable internet marketing technique for your online home business. In fact, for any business. But it involves more than simply sending an electronic message to somebody and then expecting them to come back to you and buy something.

Email marketing is an effective low-cost internet marketing technique and it is the most widely-used by online entrepreneurs. It has a proven reputation to be effective in bringing targeted traffic to websites. Email marketing can be used to stay in touch with your customers or prospective customers, send out invitations, or to make special offers. And, of course, the great thing is. that it does not cost anything to send it.

Email marketing is not just about writing something about your online home business and then just sending it to anybody. Here are a few simple tips to make your email marketing more effective.

Don’t send spam

Email marketing is not spamming. Emails sent to people who have not requested information or are not relevant becomes spam email. Just like you might receive ‘junk mail’ in the post. You should only send relevant information to people who what that information. For example, if you don’t have a dog or don’t like dogs, it is highly likely that do not want to receive an email about dog training!

Think about your email subject line.

Your email will arrive in someone’s email inbox, along with many others. If you are sending information about your online home business, make sure that the subject line will get the reader interested and make them want to open the email. Be creative, maybe ask a compelling question, start each word with a capital letter and don’t make unbelievable claims. Your subject line is like a headline of an advertisement. If it does not attract the attention and interest of the reader, it will be ignored.

Keep your emails real

It is not just your subject line that should not make unbelievable claims. Your email content must never make any promise that your online home business cannot keep. If you are offering something, make sure that the benefits are made clear to the reader and explain why your product or service provides good value.

Consider the amount of content in your email.

Depending on the subject of your email, sometimes it should kept short and sweet. Other times, you may need to include more information – for example if you are sending details about a seminar or conferences or if it contains training information. Remember what your audience will want and supply the correct amount of content accordingly.

Vary your email messages.

If your recipient always gets the same message and that message is always trying to sell them something, they will start to ignore your messages. Your potential customers will buy when they are ready to buy, not when you are ready to sell. Keep in contact with news and stories with relevant information.

Get an autoresponder.

To make your email marketing work effectively and efficiently, you will need an autoresponder. Autoresponders send out e-mail messages automatically to a pre-generated series that you have created. Your autoresponder is like your silent 24/7 salesman and it is a known fact that people need multiple exposures to a product to convert prospects into sales. Autoresponder services are used to provide your leads with followup and new information about your products and services via email. Remember, statistically, a prospect needs to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they take action and buy from you.